Welcome to Psychic Medium Deborah Vaughan

Welcome to Psychic Medium Deborah Vaughan

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About Deborah vaughan

So your guides have brought you to my page, So glad you have arrived !


Deborah reads,  offers insights, consultation, and coaching for professionals,  businesses, corporations, other psychics, and everyday individuals who  are seeking objective insights and recommendations for their  professional and private lives.   Working with Deborah isn't about getting amazed at  what she says, seeing her power full on, or being entertained -- though  you may  

feel that way!  A session with Deborah is about healing you and your life.  She approaches your everyday practical life questions  using spiritual and practical tools. She will read your energy and  personality like a book and then go into the past, present, & future  to look at aspects of your life that you have come to see her about. 


 If you are having trouble  making an important decision or just need some guidance, a reading might  be for you. Readings are available in person or by phone, and can even  be set up in your own home! No neon signs, hype, or gimmicks. A reading  with Deborah Vaughan consists of a deep one-on-one evaluation of your  situation guided by intuition and positive Spirit. Find the answers to  your deepest questions, such as:   

  • Is He/She My Soulmate? 
  • Is He/She Right For Me? 
  • Is He/She Being Honest? 
  • Is He/She Being Faithful To Me? 
  • Same Sex Relationship Questions 
  • Is My Mate Having An Affair On Me? 
  • Questions about Deceased Loved Ones 
  • Leaving Abusive Relationships 
  • Career Change and Major Life Changes 
  • Business Merger and Acquisition Questions 
  • Are My Business Partners Honest? 
  • Will I Win My Court Case/Child Custody? 
  • Major Life Changes and More… 


Let Deborah be YOUR personal psychic. She is the "real deal" and never asks for extra money or any other hype. Just clear messages and insight that will AMAZE you.


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Contact Deborah

A private and personal reading is just a phone call away

Gain insight and better understanding about any question you have. Readings are 45 minutes.

You can ask as many questions as you like during that time.

Psychic Medium Deborah Vaughan


Please make contact at the link below for questions and to schedule appointments. Immediate payments are priority calls .