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​ If you are having trouble  making an important decision or just need some guidance, a reading might  be for you. Readings are available in person or by phone, and can even  be set up in your own home! No neon signs, hype, or gimmicks. A reading  with Deborah Vaughan consists of a deep one-on-one evaluation of your  situation guided by intuition and positive Spirit. Find the answers to  your deepest questions, such as:   

  • Is He/She My Soulmate? 
  • Is He/She Right For Me? 
  • Is He/She Being Honest? 
  • Is He/She Being Faithful To Me? 
  • Same Sex Relationship Questions 
  • Is My Mate Having An Affair On Me? 
  • Questions about Deceased Loved Ones 
  • Leaving Abusive Relationships 
  • Career Change and Major Life Changes 
  • Business Merger and Acquisition Questions 
  • Are My Business Partners Honest? 
  • Will I Win My Court Case/Child Custody? 
  • Major Life Changes and More… 


Just a few testimonials

 Praise for Deborah Vaughan 

"This woman was amazing. I was a  believer before, now I am convinced. This woman told me things that  nobody could have known, she is the real deal."
- LivingSocial Member
"She was a wonderful friendly woman who knows her business."
- LivingSocial Member
 7/9/2016       She is the real deal. I love her energy and  her sincerity. Her intuition is right on and she has such a positive  way of interpreting the cards. I always feel so much better and  motivated after a reading with her. - Kim, Yelp review

  • Jessi M.

I've  had a few readings in the past and this was by far the best experience  I've had. She was very intuitive and compassionate. Cards were pretty  accurate and most of it made sense.
Alison C.
08/09/2015OverallDeb  is very professional and made me a believer in the first 10 minutes!  I've been back twice and will continue to use her services in the  future.
Vanessa S.10/20/2014Overallamazing mediumI  was a skeptic up until today! This lady has an amazing gift and i am so  glad we found her!!!! This was such an amazing experience.  I was  amazed at how spot on she was! She was amazing and we will definitely  come back in the future!  I would highly recommend her!
    "Very accurate reading! Very informative!" - Karen J.     "Supreme,  astounding and a timely reading, with a very kind yet professional  approach. I’m incredibly pleased to have discovered you!" - Amanda R.     "Wasn't sure what to expect from this but my reading was helpful and insightful. Lots to reflect on and at a great price! Your reading truly exceeded my expectations. I'll be back for another." - Donna J.     "This  woman is truly AMAZING!! I've had several readings from her and they  all have been spot on and have given me direction and peace in times of  growth and challenges - Highly recommend." - Pamela G.     "Debbie  is totally professional and thorough in her readings. Her readings are  totally on the mark and accurate. Recommend highly if you want a great  reading!" - Sandra Lee K.     "I  was kind of freaked by how dead-on she was on many things... Amazing. I  love how she was honest, never vague. She definitely has something  special." - Luna D. 


Deborah is the "Real Deal" !

Having a reading from Deborah is to be brought into her family !

 She considers all her clients to be a part of her family and always wants  the greatest and highest good.

She has a wonderful reputation  of helping people cope and having a very special gift. She has returning clients from all over the world,that have returned to her year after year.